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Of Casters and Castors

Mike Blackmore says, “Yes, we know how damaging artificial impoundments are on river ecology. However, to compare concrete weirs to woody dams is to compare chalk to cheese.”

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Why We Should Be More Beaver

Maddie Stannard says, “Leaving the planet in a better state than we found it, both socially and environmentally, should be a goal universally shared, and by taking a leaf out of the beaver’s book, we can begin to emulate the same principles.”

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Wild Ken Hill: Norfolk’s debut beavers

Dominic Buscall says, “Each of these projects is significant in its own right, but what is most exciting about Wild Ken Hill is its potential scalability across lowland UK, and its ability to balance conservation and farming discourses.”

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Jennifer Mann Ranger

Beaver Watch

Jenny Mann says, “I can remember the excitement building each night and my failed attempts to contain the oh’s and ah’s of my visitors as they caught site of their first wild beaver.”

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