Our Communications team prioritises finding innovative and creative pathways to boost public engagement with beavers, nature restoration and climate resilience, and encourage widespread participation and political action on national beaver restoration and landscape regeneration. We believe that powerful storytelling can help people better understand beavers, and live successfully alongside them.

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We have collaborated with award-winning creators such as Nina Constable Media and animator Lauren Cook, to develop and introduce compelling, mission-led stories, such as the animation Beavers: Nature’s Ecosystem Engineers and the short documentaries Beavers Without Borders and On The Edge. Guided by science-led narrative, we shift the conversation away from a fear of change, to embrace nature’s recovery and a more holistic future alongside it. 

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The Lodge Cast is rapidly growing into one of our most popular communication streams, featuring a variety of well-known guests discussing challenging, fascinating topics ranging from the latest beaver research, river health, environmental policy, eco-anxiety, green prescriptions, climate action and much more.

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