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A Future for Beavers at Ballyconnelly Farm?

Craig and Ruby say, “As a child, between jumping on cow dung and tripping over brambles, long before the word ‘sustainability’ meant anything to me, I often wondered why so much was taken from the land, and very little seemed to be given back.”

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The Lost Soundscape of Iron-Age Somerset

Joseph Monkhouse says, “After a while, I grew restless of imagination, I wanted to hear these acoustic environments for real…I combined some self-taught techniques in music production with my ornithological expertise, in an attempt to construct past natural soundscapes that were immersive and believable.”

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We need to leap over the beaver dam.

Jack Perks says, “One of the main concerns of many anglers is that beaver dams pose a physical ‘block’ on rivers and fish migration – preventing this most ancient and fundamental movement. I once had these thoughts.”

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Keeping up with the Castors

Jamie Kingscott-Edmunds says, “Releasing any animal into the wild can be quite a task…there are plenty of long days and sleepless nights before, and after, the final release.”

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