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The Return of England’s Golden Eagles

Matt Mills says, ‘But as the eagles north of the border continue to thrive and seek new territories, attitudes and interest grow, and we make huge steps in preparing the landing ground, we are on the brink of a new era for Britain’s wilder wildlife.’

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Stitching Together

Nicky Saunter writes about, ‘a remarkable keyworker, the power of art, the importance of science and how the beaver brought them all together.’

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Farmers at East Wick Farm, Pewsey Down

Beavers United?

James Wallace says, ‘The trick, I’ve observed, with beavers and people, is to welcome all comers, to promote humility and mutual respect, to be prepared for change, to share the learning and make it worth everyone’s while’

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Sunset at St David's, Wales. Credit: James Wallace

Wildlife Behind Bars

Charlotte Murray says, ‘Prison is not a place I imagined that I would have learned this lesson, and it taught me a few things about the value of nature.’

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Written in the Dam

Alexandra Beaumont says, ‘There seems to be a growing contingent of writers out there weaving folklore and nature back into their writing… I hope this will be a part of breaking the dam, if you will, on nature in our literature and help bring it flooding back into our lives.’

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