Places to see beavers


Our map shows locations in Britain you can visit to see Eurasian beavers in the wild or in enclosed projects. Some locations you can explore at your own leisure but others require you to book or contact the project in advance. Find out more about each of the locations via the links below.

Beaver sites in detail

Bamff Ecotourism

Aigas Field Centre

Arygll Beaver Centre

Argaty Red Kites

RSPB Loch Lomond

Perthshire Wildlife

Cornwall Beaver Project

Cabilla Cornwall

Spains Hall Estate

Wild Ken Hill

Welsh Beaver Project

Ewhurst Park

Idle Valley Nature Reserve

Knepp Castle Estate

Mapperton Estate

River Otter

Rewilding Coombeshead

Willington Wetlands

Trentham Gardens


When watching beavers, please remember they are sensitive wild animals. Follow our top tips to get the most out of your time and watch wildlife responsibly.

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