We produce a wide range of content to promote learning and awareness of beavers. Explore this page for downloadable activities, books and resource packs for teachers.

Activities for kids

Make your own beaver mask, see how many words you can find in the word searches or try your hand at making your very own beaver dam.

These extracurricular activities can make great solo activities or be combined with the KS1 and KS2 learning resources below for beaver-themed fun.


Are you a teacher looking for resources for how to include beavers in your syllabus?

From History and Geography to guided reading and writing, we’ve got a number of lesson packs to get you started.


Books, books, books, we can’t get enough of them! Enjoy our top selection of reads based on beavers and nature.

Beaver's Big Adventures

A delightful story to nurture every child’s dreams of exploring and adventure.

The Adventures of Paddy The Beaver

Introduce your child to Thornton W. Burgess’ long-beloved Bedtime Stories, featuring such timeless characters as Peter Cottontail, Jimmy Skunk, and Paddy the Beaver.

A home on the river

Bramble and his friends have no water!  In this second story about the brave little badger and his woodland pals, Bramble heads up the dry river bed to discover the source of the problem – and makes a new friend on the way.

The Eager Beaver

Barry the beaver wants the biggest dam, so he cuts down lots of trees. But perhaps that isn’t the best idea…

Little Beaver and The Echo

Shortlisted for the Children’s Book Award, this is the much-loved story of Little Beaver, who lives all alone by the edge of a pond.

Benny the Beaver

Benny, and his brother Bob, are Beavers. One day, whilst digging under water for supplies, the pair find a treasure chest. Who gets the treasure? That’s what they can’t decide! Will they ever learn to share? 


Indulge your senses in this selection of artwork celebrating the beaver’s return to Britain. Music, poetry, short stories, painting, illustration, ceramics, film, plasticine, needlework – what else can you think of?

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