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We produce a wide range of content to promote cross-curricular learning and increase the awareness of beavers.

The cultural reintroduction of beavers is vital to support their return across Britain, for this and future generations. Our Lesson Packs are designed for younger audiences, in collaboration with teachers and linked to the national education curriculum – and they’re free for anyone to download!

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If you’ve used any of the resources below, we’d love to hear from you! You can help us to optimise our Lesson Packs, presentations and activities, as well as guiding our approach moving forward by filling in our feedback form.

General Resources

These resources can be used on their own, or to be used in conjunction with the Lesson Packs below.

Key Stage 1 Resources

A set of lesson plans that link to England’s school curriculum, developed in collaboration with Heart of Argyll Wildlife Organisation and Harriet Cook. These resources focus on Key Stage 1 learning.

Additional Activities

These fun games make useful accompaniments to the curriculum-linked Lesson Packs above or can be used outside of a school environment to engage young people and encourage learning about Britain’s ecosystem engineers.

Food energy matching game

Increase understanding of the diets of key species which live in beaver created habitats through this card matching game.

Habitat spot the difference

Understand the key features of a beaver modified habitat and how this supports other species, including humans in this game.

Species fact sheets

Learn more about other species in beaver habitats by researching them, how they fit into the food web and get creative with a day in the life of.

Food web

Connect the images to show how energy flows as one thing is consumed by the next.

Species ID key

Identify new animals in an ecosystem by using the questions on this ID key.

Sleeping and eating

Understand the different ways in which key species sleep and eat, and how this impacts their life.

Beaver adaptations

Understand basic Eurasian beaver anatomy and how adaptation enable them to live in wetland habitats.

Habitat picture construction

In this class group exercise, learn about the connections between species by adding or removing them from the picture.
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