Restoration services


Our restoration team possess extensive experience in beaver management and conflict resolution, and offer a wide range of services that can support your project

Habitat Feasibility and Project Assessments

We work collaboratively with landowners and organisations along with a range of project partners to undertake site assessments, habitat suitability and project feasibility for both enclosed and wild proposals. Such assessments also include details of any potential conflicts, long-term mitigation recommendations and animal management, taking other species into consideration.


Assist With Licence Applications

We have a proven track record of successful licence applications across a range of species and licensable actions, including various mitigation techniques and animal handling. We can assist or advise on your application or support as your ecologists

Beaver Population and Distribution Surveys

We are highly experienced in beaver field sign identification, beaver ecology and behaviour. In collaboration with the University of Exeter and leading beaver experts we have developed and published on field survey methods. We have undertaken national surveys, across multiple catchments for each of the statutory bodies in Britain.

Undertake Electrofishing Surveys

We undertake semi and fully quantitative electro-fishing surveys in a variety of habitats which are tailored to specific requirements. All licences required will be obtained by us before the commencement of any surveys.


We actively undertake various research projects and always welcome opportunities to collaborate. Areas of focus include animal welfare and veterinary science, animal husbandry and mitigation techniques.

Animal Translocation Under Licence

When necessary, we support landowners with removal licences to trap and translocate beavers to other projects or approved areas. We hold relevant licences from both Natural England and NatureScot to undertake this work. Working with lead wildlife veterinary experts at our beaver holding facilities at Five Sisters Zoo, we can undertake all required health screening and ensure best practice is followed, delivering highest animal welfare standards.

Site-Specific Advisory Work

We offer site specific advice across a range of scenarios both beaver opportunities and challenges including habitat restoration to facilitate co-existence with beavers.

Training Sessions

We provide beaver training on a range of topics including beaver ecology and behaviour, mitigation techniques, survey and monitoring and electrofishing. Contact us for available or bespoke courses.

Our team is here to help

Dr Roisin Campbell-Palmer

Head of Restoration

Dr Robert Needham

Restoration Manager

Sheelagh McAllister

Field Officer

Alana Skilbeck

Restoration Project Officer

Our restoration team have worked on beaver reintroduction projects across Britain and Europe and are highly experienced in beaver management and conflict resolution. Email them at to find out how they can support your project.

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