Sandra King to take the helm of Beaver Trust at crucial time for biodiversity and beavers.

Communications Director Eva Bishop says, ‘As a science communicator and climate activist, I want others to hear how wrong the messaging is around climate policy’

Nick Wilson-Smith says, ‘Perhaps the reason why as a species, we are so attached to trees is that we are not so dissimilar ourselves.’

Major Andy Cox says, ‘If beavers chose emblems to represent their families, I would hope that at least one would choose a human soldier’

Josh Harris says, ‘Understanding where beavers are spreading across the country and creating effective beaver management systems is also important to our development of an English Beaver Strategy.’

Alice Litchfield says, ‘with summer holidays fast approaching across the UK…it’s a timely reminder to respect nature, habitats and animals during our adventures.’

Jess Howard says, ‘This brief respite from everyday life allows me to connect with nature, and floating in the sea I am connected to all the oceans of the world.’

Matt Mills says, ‘But as the eagles north of the border continue to thrive and seek new territories, attitudes and interest grow, and we make huge steps in preparing the landing ground, we are on the brink of a new era for Britain’s wilder wildlife.’

Nicky Saunter writes about, ‘a remarkable keyworker, the power of art, the importance of science and how the beaver brought them all together.’

Dan Stathers says, ‘in the race for survival it was the tunnelling beavers’ semi-aquatic cousins which proved a force to be reckoned with.’