Entries by Sophie Pavelle

A Dance with Beavers in Knapdale

Kirsty Crawford says, “Something clicked in me after the field trip. To travel deep into the forest, stand at the edge of the loch at midnight where across the water beaver families stirred and swam for the first time in 400 years.”

Being More Beaver.

Nicky Saunter says, ‘I saw for myself how a beaver-made landscape can slow the flow of water, hold back the silt and prevent flooding downstream. Perhaps we could watch and learn?’

Celebrating Winter

Lauren Holford says, “It may be cold, but winter is no longer the dull and lifeless time of year it once was to me. It is a time to celebrate the unsung heroes of this unsung season.”

The Lost Soundscape of Iron-Age Somerset

Joseph Monkhouse says, “After a while, I grew restless of imagination, I wanted to hear these acoustic environments for real…I combined some self-taught techniques in music production with my ornithological expertise, in an attempt to construct past natural soundscapes that were immersive and believable.”