Hosted by Beaver Trust’s Sophie Pavelle and Eva Bishop and produced by Emma Brisdion from ‘For What It’s Earth’ podcast, The Lodge Cast features fabulous guests discussing topics ranging from nature prescriptions, beavers, river health, environmental policy to climate, eco anxiety and much more!

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Season 3
Motherhood & Movie Making with Nina Constable

We finally pin down the wonderful Nina Constable for an honest, open and (at times emotional!) chat about all things motherhood, moviemaking and courageous conservation storytelling. 

Nina is an award winning self-shooting director/filmmaker based in Cornwall, UK. Her films have screened in festivals globally and her work has featured in many national broadcasts. Nina is dedicated to capturing and exploring the world we live in, believing in the power of film and photography to educate and inspire and, ultimately, to protect. 

Can a Beaver Wetland Make You Feel Better? with Sam (wise) Gandy

Sam is an ecologist and researcher with Imperial College London, who has been working with Dr Ros Watts on a groundbreaking new piece of research demonstrating the psychological benefits of beaver reintroduction. Sam believes that nature connectedness shouldn’t be looked at totally rationally, and is motivated in his work by the direct, emotional connection provoked by the story of hope that beavers bring. He argues that this psychological state is the key to shifting baselines and inspiring a change in mindsets, in nature restoration. 

Beaver Wrestling and the Power of the Pod with Emily Knight

In the age of dual climate and biodiversity crises, endless jargon and deafening online ‘noise’, is science communication more important than ever to get right? You are in for a treat this week, as Sophie and Eva get down to business with ‘Radio Lady-O’ herself, Emily Knight.

River Buffers and the Giant sponge with Arlin Rickard OBE

A key contributor in Beaver Trust’s upcoming documentary about river buffers On The Edge, Arlin tells us how rivers should be highly connected, dynamic, multi-faceted systems, instead of reservoirs of pollutants. He explains how simple measures like river buffers could restore our rivers to ecological health, and crucially improve community and agricultural resilience to incidences of climate-induced flooding, drought and pollution.

Putting Nature in the driving seat with Isabella Tree

Talking to Sophie and Eva from one of the most talked-about estates in the UK, and no doubt in a room not too far from nesting stalks, author and landowner Isabella Tree shares the inspirational story of Knepp Castle Estate – and shows us that we can dare to hope for a wilder future. 

Beaver hats & beaver history with Ben Goldfarb

Ben unpacks the fascinating social and ecological nuance surrounding beaver reintroduction, and offers valuable lessons learned from their more established presence in the USA.

Season 2
A Christmas Cracker with lolo Williams

A Christmas bonus episode chatting all things pigeon, nature and CAKE with the incredible TV presenter and naturalist lolo Williams!

Do Beavers help fish? with Rob Needham

Beaver Trust’s own restoration co-ordinator Robert Needham joins us for a very fishy conversation about his recently published research paper looking at Brown trout in beaver ponds in Scotland.                                    

Traffic light trees & beaver bakeries with David Oakes

Actor & conservationist David Oakes joins to chat all things tree.

Firefighting with beavers with Dr Emily Fairfax

Against a backdrop of blazing landscapes and record-breaking global heatwaves we chatted to ecohydrologist and science communicator Dr Emily Fairfax about her groundbreaking research into how beaver wetlands can act as natural firebreaks.

Finding answers in farming with Richard Bramley

This episode we speak to award-winning arable farmer, who also chairs the National Farmers Union (NFU) Environmental Forum about how agriculture can provide positive solutions to environmental degradation and climate change.

Can doctors prescribe 'nature'? with Dr Amir Khan

The NHS doctor, TV GP and bestselling author Dr Amir Khan talks to us about his love of nature and what actually happens in our bodies when we spend time in nature.

Building a new table with Gillian Burke

Season 2 launches with highly respected broadcaster, writer, activist and journalist, best known for presenting BBC Springwatch Gillian Burke talking to us about diversity in conservation, and the importance of restoring nature.

Season 1
Travel combs and the power of the youth voice with Celtic Reptile & Amphibian

An inspirational chat with Harvey and Tom, two teens from Lancashire who are making waves across the captive breeding, rewinding and conservation sector.

Beaver translocation & conservation science with Dr Roisin Campbell-Palmer

As part of British Science Week and International Women’s Day we talk to Beaver Trust’s restoration manager and Britain’s leading beaver ecologist Dr Roisin Campbell-Palmer about the science behind beaver translocation.

'Eco Anxiety: what it means, and what to do about it with Dr Catriona Mellor

Child and adolescent psychiatrist Dr Catriona Mellor discusses her specialisation in understanding how the climate and ecological crises affect our mental health. 

The climate crisis and parachuting beavers with Simon Reeve

Acclaimed author, TV presenter and journalist Simon Reeve, using his unique experience of the planet and expeditions to far-flung corners of the world, shares thoughts on the climate crisis and explores where beavers fit into a solution-based approach.

Access to nature and trespassing with Nick Hayes

Author, activist and illustrator Nick Hayes delves into the vital issue of ‘access to nature’ and his adventures to discover just how easy it is for us to get into wilder places.

Beavers in Britain and the joy of losing your beaver-ginity with Jack Baddams

The launch of a brand new podcast brought to you by Beaver Trust featuring a heart-to-heart with naturalist and BBC spring watch researcher Jack Baddams.

Meet Your Hosts
Eva Bishop
Communications Director

Eva is a passionate environmentalist dedicated to climate action, conservation and wildlife resilience. She has worked in large scale renewable energy programmes for the UK, involving environmental impact assessments and community engagement, run carbon offset schemes abroad and founded a major wetland conservation and catchment restoration initiative.

Sophie Pavelle
Communications Co-ordinator

Sophie is a zoologist and science communicator, based in Devon. Her passion for wildlife conservation has gained her a wide reputation across the science communication and charity sector. Praised for her wit, digital creativity and audience insight, Sophie has influenced a range of nature and environment projects since graduating in 2017.

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