Knapdale Beavers: history has its eyes on you

Rob Knott says, "As an obsessive naturalist, I find it easy to remember the dates of my first sightings of species."
Jennifer Mann RangerJennifer Mann

Beaver Watch

Jenny Mann says, "I can remember the excitement building each night and my failed attempts to contain the oh’s and ah’s of my visitors as they caught site of their first wild beaver."
Wild Swimming BrothersCalum Hudson

Wild Swimming with Beavers

Calum Hudson says, "The thought of wild swimming with beavers conjures up a magical and untouchable experience. It forces my mind to reach back into a primordial and bygone past where countless wild animals freely roamed the UK countryside."
Duncan Pepper Fishinguide ScotlandDuncan Pepper

Beavers and angling: from separation to assimilation

Duncan Pepper says, "It seems to me that anglers (especially trout and salmon anglers) should be clamouring to get beaver into their rivers - and where there are already beavers, they should be doing all they can to support their presence."

The Beaver and the Bee

Lucy Hodson says, "Beavers and bees. Not two creatures you’d typically associate with each other."

Rewilding Britain. A silver lining amidst a global pandemic?

Milly Gigg says, "Whilst coronavirus has put a stop to human life as we know it, quite the opposite can be said for nature and wildlife."
Gordon Muir

Beavers. Biodiversity's secret weapon?

Sara King is often asked, "‘why do we need to conserve or restore certain species or habitats’, ‘what do we need that species for?’, ‘What is the point of them?’"
Skip Lisle

Beavers and Technology

Alex Dinsdale says "There is one key piece of technology which can play a major, and positive, role in beaver management, whether those animals are resident or introduced. Flow Devices."

'This lovely weather'

Chris Jones, organic farmer, says, "these drier periods frighten me more than anything else, as climate change tightens its grip"