Lucy Hodson says, “Beavers and bees. Not two creatures you’d typically associate with each other.”

Milly Gigg says, “Whilst coronavirus has put a stop to human life as we know it, quite the opposite can be said for nature and wildlife.”

Sara King is often asked, “‘why do we need to conserve or restore certain species or habitats’, ‘what do we need that species for?’, ‘What is the point of them?’”

Alex Dinsdale says “There is one key piece of technology which can play a major, and positive, role in beaver management, whether those animals are resident or introduced. Flow Devices.”

Chris Jones, organic farmer, says, “these drier periods frighten me more than anything else, as climate change tightens its grip”

The killing of 87 beavers in Scotland – one fifth of the country’s population – proves there is an urgent need for humans to live more sympathetically alongside beavers across Britain, the Beaver Trust said today.

Jenny Pearson says, “in the weirdest springtime of my and many others’ lifetimes, I think it is fair to assume that many people are looking forward to a post-Covid world and are wondering what that might look like.”

Dear Minister Eustice, Minister Prentis and Mr Juniper.
This letter is to state our whole-hearted support for beavers and the tenets of the Governments’ 25 Year Environment Plan which their restoration will greatly assist.

Press Release: More than 60 leading conservation, wildlife and nature organisations have come together to support an appeal by Beaver Trust to speed up the restoration of beavers to Britain.

Sophie Pavelle hasn’t seen a beaver yet, after many attempts, but says “I’ve since learned my lesson, even more so as we approach week six of national lockdown. We don’t have to ‘see’ nature in order to appreciate it.”