On The Edge - have we forgotten the way of the river?

Eva Bishop says, 'Despite its many interpretations, the fact remains that when we step back and give our rivers the space they deserve, society can benefit.'

Can beavers make you feel better? The eco-psychology of beaver reintroduction

Sam Gandy says, 'the overall psychological benefits of beaver reintroduction likely exceed that of any other single species...'

Beavers are back at Enfield!

Beaver browsing by Elliot McCandless Beavers will be re-introduced to London for the first time in more than 400 years thanks to a pioneering project launched by Enfield Council and Capel Manor College, London’s environmental college.  The…

Bringing Beavers Back to Argaty, Perthshire

Tom Bowser says, 'The story of these waterways is now and will forever be changing. We are thrilled to have beavers here, and so grateful to Beaver Trust for helping us to save them.'


New CEO Sandra says, 'Beaver Trust’s work gives me hope. It is making a real, immediate and practical difference to turning around the climate and ecological crises we face.'

Sandra King is Beaver Trust’s CEO

'Environmentalist and charity leader Sandra King begins her new role as Chief Executive Officer of Beaver Trust'

Nature boost in Perthshire as second group of beavers moved to Argaty

'A second family of beavers was moved to a Perthshire family farm on 11th February...boosting the biodiversity of this special area.'

Be More Beaver

Nick Acheson says, 'Visiting the enclosure where these beavers live, last autumn, shortly after they arrived, was far more powerful an experience than I’d imagined.'

Sandra King to take the helm of Beaver Trust at crucial time for biodiversity and beavers.

Sandra King to take the helm of Beaver Trust at crucial time for biodiversity and beavers.
UK and Europe at night from space. Credit: NasaNasa

'1.5 degrees'. Pipe dream? Or possible?

Communications Director Eva Bishop says, 'As a science communicator and climate activist, I want others to hear how wrong the messaging is around climate policy'