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We have gathered decades of scientific research from Great Britain, continental Europe and North America to share with people interested in diving deeper into the world of beavers.

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Habitat Use and Preferences of Breeding Female Wood Ducks

Published by: Journal of Wildlife Management

1st January 2004

Researchers monitored 47 female wood ducks to understand their habitat use during the period of egg production. Habitat preferences varied between different ducks. Older ducks - and ducks making their nest early - tended to prefer beaver ponds as a habitat more than younger ducks and those who made their nests late. Overall, ducks adapted to different wetlands for breeding, and the authors suggest that habitat diversity is vital for their reproduction. Please note, this resource is not open-access.

Continuing Environmental Change – An Example from Nova Scotia

Published by: Canadian Field-Naturalist

1st January 2004

The last century of environmental changes in Nova Scotia is described, drawing on literature, community knowledge, and personal experience. The complex interactions of disease, human activity, and animal expansion are set out. The restoration of beavers is considered one of the major events of this history.

Associations of small mammals and amphibians with beaver-occupied streams in the Oregon Coast Range

Published by: Northwest Science

1st January 2004

Researchers studied how beavers affect vegetation, small mammals, and amphibians. They compared stretches of 5 streams in Oregon, USA - some occupied by beavers and some unoccupied. They found that beaver-influenced areas of the streams had more diverse plant life and had a higher presence of certain mammalian species. Please note, this resource is not open-access.

Characteristics of trees and shrubs felled by a Eurasian beaver

Published by: Bulletin de la Société des Naturalistes Luxembourgeois

1st January 2004

This study describes the Eurasian beaver's return to Luxembourg. Researchers describe beaver activity along a river between 2000 and 2002, demonstrating a preference for cutting willow trees, especially those which are small and close to the water. This matches findings in other places and shows the importance of riverside plants for beaver conservation.

Against Extinction: The Story of Conservation

Published by: Routledge

1st January 2004

This book recounts the history of wildlife conservation from the 19th century to today's global movement. It explores the legacy of big game hunting, battles for national parks, and debates on sustainable wildlife use. The over-hunting of beavers is mentioned as having moved President Roosevelt in the earliest days of the National Parks movement in the USA. Please note, this resource is not open-access.

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