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Dive into the world of beavers with our new series, ‘Beavers’.

Join Megan McCubbin, wildlife presenter and Beaver Trust ambassador, as we learn all about beavers, from how their unique adaptations help them in shaping ecosystems to how we can learn to coexist.

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You probably know less than you think about our superhero Beavers – find out everything about them here.


Our experts track and protect beavers around the UK. Take a look at our handy map which shows wild beaver populations across the country.

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Watch Beaver Trust’s award-winning short documentary about how we can build a future of co-existence alongside beavers.

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Learn about the history, biology and where you can see beavers in Britain.

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Rescued Beaver Returns to the Wild

In a touching tale of resilience, the beaver originally rescued from a beach on the West coast of Scotland by the local Police, Coastguard and

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